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Mal Austin

I have been photographing professionally since 1983

The first 18 years, in film-only times, I owned a multi-task studio which had an even spread of wedding, industrial, advertising and people photography, using film cameras from 35mm to 5 x 4 inch.

It was a hectic, challenging and dynamic couple of decades; there were few kinds of image-subjects I was not asked to create.


When the wedding count topped 600 and I was in need of a healthy change, I sold up and Givenworks was born in 2000.


I became a landscape-only photographic artist and eventually author and publisher also, learning and embracing the digital age with computers, CMYK pre-press publishing and most of what Photoshop and InDesign offered.

My concentration on the panoramic landscape had begun years earlier with the purchase a a 6 x 17 [cm] film camera specially designed to produce 1 to 3 ratio images, 4 frames per 120 sized film.


After 12 years I added the shooting of multiple digital images from DSLRs which are computer-merged into one panoramic image of differing sizes and proportion including the connection of vertical panoramics to create large almost square images.


For the next 16 years, wall-art, posters, postcards, greeting cards, calendars, book publishing and distribution took my time but I am now free to concentrate just on creating images and art-work with photographic origins, for sale over many specialist niche websites. [see Links page] I have shot in 26 countries, published 6 books, contribute to the Getty Images stock library and have taught various photographic courses. My two favourite landscape countries, Australia and New Zealand dominate my art work.



YES! It does help to know where a particular image was taken!

It's not just curiosity, it can also be an important aid to your image choice.

SO... That's fine just message me with the image number[s] and I'll give you the details.

It doesn't have to be in 'business hours' I work from home these days!


To contact me with enquiries about this site:

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